Players, a novel by Clay Reynolds

by Clay Reynolds

Eddy Lovell is a rich man’s son turned heavy hitter for the mob. Vicki Sigel is a wanna-be Hollywood actress who knows all about players and how to play them for fools. But when two thugs take her captive, it will join her fate with Eddy’s. Soon Eddy and Vicki are thrust into a violent world of killers, crooks, and dealers making the most dangerous plays of all, against each other.

With an all-new introduction to the Baen Ebook Edition.

“Ingenious . . . Leaves readers gasping and eager for more.”

—Stephen King

These players drive the story through its three days of relentless, writhing action. Along the way, Reynolds places them with memorable effect—all the while creating a landscape both solidly real and frighteningly imagined.

—David Middleton, San Antonio Express-News

A fine, twisted tale of betrayal, crime and punishment among lowlifes at all socioeconomic levels of the Lone Star State.

Kirkus Reviews

The plot is ingenous, the resolution a forehead-slapper, and every character as real as the book in hand.


Reynolds’ hard-edged prose is well calculated to captivate the reader right up the final trigger squeeze.

Publisher’s Weekly

One of the great strengths of Players is Reynolds’ admirable control as he unfolds an intriguing, multi-layered plot, and, particularly, the way he reveals his characters through dialogue as much as through narrative description.

—Betsy Berry, Texas Observer

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