Professor Clay Reynolds

Professor of Arts & Humanities, retired
College of Arts and Humanities
University of Texas at Dallas


Developmental English
Freshman Composition
Poetry and Drama
Prose Fiction
Introduction to Literature
Analysis and Persuasive Writing
Media Writing and Analysis
Freshman Honors
Sophomore American Literature
Literature and the Machine
Masterworks of American Literature
Masterworks of British Literature
Masterworks of World Literature
World Literature
Business and Technical Writing
Oral Communications
English for the Deaf
World Literature
American Literature, 1870-Present
World Literature
American Novel of the West
Creative Writing
Advanced Composition
Southwestern Life & Literature
Introduction to American Poetry
Exploration of the Arts
Exploration of the Arts (Honors)
Exploration of the Humanities
Exploration of the Humanities (Honors)
Western American Novel
Creative Writing—Short Fiction
Creative Writing—Essay
Creative Writing—Screenwriting
Creative Writing–Honors
American Novel and World War II
American Modernism
American Long Story
Sex and Sentimentality in the Novel (Honors)
Sex and Sentiment in World Literature
American Realism & Naturalism
Modern American Drama
Western Literary Tradition
Novel into Film
Reading and Writing Texts


Advanced Expository Writing
Children’s Literature
Modern American Drama
Historical and Literary Responses to Vietnam
Popular Artistic Responses to Vietnam
Science Fiction
James Joyce’s Dublin
Modern British Stage
The American Novel at Mid‑Century
American Novel
American Literature
American Literary Realism
Liberal Arts Seminar
American Literary Renaissance
American Proletarian Novel
Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Dos
Texas Folklore
Modern American Novel
American Literature and WWII
American Novel of the West
Western American Novel
Novels into Films
American Poetry
American Short Story
American Novella
Literary Adaptations
Literature into Film
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies
World War II and American Culture
The American 1950s
Critical Writing—Evaluating the Arts
Creative Writing—Novel
Creative Writing—Novel Advanced
Creative Writing—Short Fiction
Creative Writing—Short Fiction Intermediate
Creative Writing—Short Fiction Advanced
Creative Writing—Screenwriting
Creative Writing—Screenwriting Advanced
Creative Writing—Novella
Creative Writing—Nonfiction Prose
Creative Writing— Theory, Advanced 
Dissertation & Thesis