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Books by Clay Reynolds
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  • Monuments
  • Ars Poetica
  • Threading the Needle
  • The Tentmaker
  • Players
  • Franklin’s Crossing
  • Agatite
  • The Vigil

Cover for the new Baen edition of The Vigil by Clay Reynolds. Double exposure image shows a worried woman superimposed over a sleep-looking, empty town

Fleeing Atlanta a bad marriage, Imogene McBride heads west with her precocious, beautiful teenage daughter, Cora, when their car breaks down in a tiny North Texas town. While her mother sits out its repair, Cora wanders off to buy ice cream—and disappears without a trace.

So begins Imma’s vigil. As her waiting stretches from days and weeks into years, Imma becomes—as the town eccentric if not madwoman—a pivotal institution.  And when the local sheriff works to unravel the mystery of Cora’s disappearance, a bond develops between the aging sheriff and the eccentric woman who brings Ezra both new hope and forces him to confront his own past. Order Now

When the Civil War ended, Gil Hooley journeyed out West, figuring that if there was any market left for his hand-crafted tents, it would be on the wide open frontier. But when his wagon breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a community begins to grow around him, one tent at a time, until Gil finds himself the unlikely leader-and defender-of his own town. Clay Reynolds tells the tale of a man who discovers that even if a place wasn’t your destination, it might still be your destiny. Order Now

Agatite, a novel by Clay Reynolds

Agatite, Texas is a sleepy Dust Bowl community of three thousand friendly people, with nothing to distinguish it from hundreds of other small towns, until the discovery of a dead body hanged in an abandoned outhouse sets into motion a series of events that alters the town forever. Shock follows shock in quick succession as Reynolds relentlessly develops his tale of murder and mob action, focusing on Able Newsome, the county sheriff, and Roy Breedlove, a former high school football star turned drifter, but involving the fate of the town and all its citizens. Order Now

Franklin's Crossing by Clay Reynolds

One of Western fiction’s most celebrated novelists creates a story filled with all the passions and struggles of the people who forged a new country. Set in the vast grasslands of Texas just after the Civil War, Franklin’s Crossing follows former slave and seasoned scout Moses Franklin as he leads a wagon train through Comanche territory to Sante Fe. Order Now

Monuments: A Novel by Clay Reynolds - book 4 in the Sandhill Chronicles

Fourteen-year-old Hugh Rudd had his summer planned: mow lawns, practice baseball, buy a new mountain bike, and get ready for high school. But the Burlington Northern Railroad’s determination to demolish the Hendershot Grocery Warehouse, a symbol of Hugh’s small Texas home town, causes Hugh to re-examine his plans. As the locals gear up to stop the railroad, long-held secrets about both the town and Hugh’s own family come to light, and Hugh is caught up in the conflict to save his home town, and his family’s legacy. Order Now

Threading the Needle, a novel by Clay Reynolds. Front cover shows an orange car streaking through a tunnel.

Sherry Littlefield thought her brother died in a senseless drag racing accident, but the truth is even more horrifying: some portion of Keith may still be around.   By piecing together clues, Sherry learns that her brother discovered a ghostly drag race that takes place every spring on the Old Loop, an antique stretch of highway that is inhabited by ghosts of the Texas past. On the line are the souls of the living and the dead—the stakes of beating a demon at his own game.

In a chilling mixture of the nostalgic and the supernatural, Clay Reynolds adds to his Sandhill Chronicles this tale of Faustian bargains, drag racing, old-time rock and roll, and a sister’s love for a brother who dies tragically young. Order Now

Ars Poetica, a novel by Clay Reynolds

A satire on modern life as seen through the eyes of a poetic (and extremely insightful) curmudgeon.

Spur Award winning author Clay Reynolds explores the life of a modern-day Don Juan, a hedonistically ambitious poetaster of our own times, a self-styled Lothario, but, as the tragicomedy ultimately reveals, a man who ultimately discovers that he has more in common with Coleridge’s mariner than with any swashbuckling versifier of old. Order Now

Players, a novel by Clay Reynolds. Image shows a black backgound with a briefcase showing holes through which blood is leaking.

Eddy Lovell is a rich man’s son turned heavy hitter for the mob. Vicki Sigel is a wanna-be Hollywood actress who knows all about players and how to play them for fools. But when two thugs take her captive, it will join her fate with Eddy’s. Soon Eddy and Vicki are thrust into a violent world of killers, crooks, and dearlers making the most dangerous plays of all, against each other. Order Now