Threading the Needle

Threading the Needle, a novel by Clay Reynolds. Front cover shows an orange car streaking through a tunnel.

Sandhill Chronicles Book 3
by Clay Reynolds

Sherry Littlefield thought her brother died in a senseless drag racing accident, but the truth is even more horrifying: some portion of Keith may still be around. By piecing together clues, Sherry learns that her brother discovered a ghostly drag race that takes place every spring on the Old Loop, an antique stretch of highway that is inhabited by ghosts of the Texas past. On the line are the souls of the living and the dead—the stakes of beating a demon at his own game.

In a chilling mixture of the nostalgic and the supernatural, Clay Reynolds adds to his Sandhill Chronicles this tale of Faustian bargains, drag racing, old-time rock and roll, and a sister’s love for a brother who dies tragically young.

With an all-new introduction to the Baen Ebook Edition.

“Ingenious … Leaves readers gasping and eager for more.”—Stephen King

“Reynolds spins a compelling yarn.”—Publishers Weekly

“Ambitious and absorbing.”—Larry McMurtry

Clay Reynolds is the winner of the Western Writers of America Spur Award.