Clay Reynolds – consultant – is Available

A veteran editor of both fiction and non-fiction, Reynolds is often available for consultation on manuscripts and the publishing business. His book, Twenty Questions: Answers for the Inquiring Writer draws on his more than twenty-five years’ experience in the publishing business in offering direct and no-nonsense advice to writers of fiction who are approaching the publishing market for the first time or who have been frustrated in their attempts to break into the business.

As an individual editor and consultant, Reynolds will evaluate manuscripts of fiction and nonfiction for fee; he also will read and evaluate screenplays or other written matter such as technical writing and business materials. His services include marginal line notes and a narrative response. A deeper edit with commentary and specific suggestions for revisions is also possible. His rates depend on the amount and complexity of the work proposed. He also is available for ghostwriting and rewriting, and fees are negotiable. A letter of contract is required for all consultancies.

Reynolds is also available to conduct workshops for writers, and he often gives readings and lectures based on his work or the work of others. His workshops range from practical instruction about how to approach the publishing industry with completed manuscripts to the fundamentals and elements of fiction and screenwriting. Fees for these services are negotiable and depend on location and amount of time involved in each activity.

Considering hiring a consultant? Read “So You Want Me to Make You a Writer,” by Clay Reynolds.

**An original version of this article appeared in Poets and Writers Magazine, December, 1990.