Newspaper & Periodical Reviews – 1980s

Clay Reynolds has been reviewing books for major Sunday and daily book pages of significant metropolitan newspapers as well as numerous national and regional magazines and review journals since the mid-1980s. He has written more than 1100 book reviews overall. What follows is a list of his book reviews published in newspapers and other periodicals of the 1980s.

The Lizard Woman, by Frank Waters,” Review of Texas Books. 1.1 (1986): 1.

Trail to Ogallala, by Benjamin Capps.” Review of Texas Books. 1.2 (1986), 1.

Reviews: “Crossing the Border with the 4th Cavalry: Mackenzie’s Raid into Mexico ‑ 1873, by Richard H. Thompson”; “Mexican Texans in the Union Army, by Jerry D. Thompson”; & “The Spanish Mustang, by Don Worcester.” Review of Texas Books. 1.3 (1986): 4, 5, 6.

Reviews: “Seasonal Rain and Other Stories, by Robert Flynn”; “Facts As I Remember Them: The Autobiography of Rufe LeFors, Ed., John Allen Peterson”; “Indian Depredations in Texas, by J. W. Wilbarger”; & “Texas Indian Fighters, by A. J. Sowell.” Review of Texas Books. 4.1 (1987): 2, 5.

“Middle‑Age Desires: A Review of Desire Provoked, by Tracy Daugherty.” Dallas Morning News. 15 March, 1987: C‑10.

“Short Takes on the Human Dilemma: A Review of The Second Bridge and A Week in South Dakota, by Gary Gildner.” Dallas Morning News. 29 March, 1987: C‑9.

Reviews: “The Sheriff and the Folsom Man Murders, by D. R. Meredith”; “Quanah Parker and His People, by Bill Neeley”; “A Terry Texas Ranger, by H. W. Graber”;  “Colonel Jack Hays, by James K. Greer”; & “The Pueblo de Socorro Grant, by Katherine H. White.” Review of Texas Books. 2.1 (1987): 1, 3, 4, 5.

“On the Trail of Harding and Mata Hari: A Review of M. H. Meets President Harding, by Michael Zagst.” Dallas Morning News. 24 May, 1987: C‑11.

“Giving Dimension to the Murder Mystery: A Review of The Sheriff and the Folsom Man Murders, by D. R. Meredith.” Dallas Morning News. 28 June, 1987: C‑11.

“Butler’s ‘Wabash’ is an Engaging Story: A Review of Wabash, by Robert Olen Butler.” Dallas Morning News. 2 August, 1987: C‑12.

“Reviews: “Baby Todd and the Rattlesnake Stradivarius, by Teresa Kennedy”; “Blessed McGill, by Edwin Shrake”; “There’s Always a Second Chance and Other Stories, by Elmer Kelton”; “Life of Bill Dixon, by Olive Dixon”; “Planters and Plain Folk: Agriculture in Antebellum Texas, by Richard G. Lowe and Randolph B. Campbell”; & “At Home in Texas: Early Views of the Land, by Robin W. Doughty.” Review of Texas Books. 2.2 (1987): 1, 2, 5.

“A Violin Story, with Sour Notes: A Review of Baby Todd and the Rattlesnake Stradivarius, by Teresa Kennedy.” Dallas Morning News. 16 August, 1987: C‑13.

“Tales From a Part of Texas That Some Have Forgotten: A Review of Wanderer Springs, by Robert Flynn.” Dallas Morning News. 4 October, 1987: C‑10.

Reviews: “Muddy Banks, by Ruby C. Tolliver”; “A Shroud in the Family, by Lionel G. Garcia”; & “Soldiers, Sutlers, and Settlers: Life on the Texas Frontier, by Robert Wooster.” Review of Texas Books. 2.3 (1987): 2, 5.

“Vonnegut’s ‘Bluebeard’ Uncovers No Treasure: A Review of Bluebeard, by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.” Dallas Morning News. 22 November, 1987: C‑12, 14.

“A&M Reissues 1970 Civil War Saga by Distinguished Historian Vandiver: A Review of Their Tattered Flags, by Frank E. Vandiver.” San Antonio Express-News. 29 November, 1987: K‑6.

“The Last Great Chief: Quanah Parker: A Review of Quanah Parker and His People, by Bill Neeley.” Dallas Morning News. 10 January, 1988: 9‑C.

“Versifying in the Southern Mode: A Review of The Made Thing: An Anthology of Contemporary Southern Poetry, Ed., Leon Stokesbury.” San Antonio Express-News. 17 January, 1988: 6‑H.

Reviews: “Dallas Stories, by Marshall Terry”; “Murder By Impulse by D. R. Meredith”; “Night Never Falls, by Bud Shrake”; “The Man Who Rode Midnight, by Elmer Kelton”; “Indian Life in Texas, by

Charles Shaw”; “Mapping of the American Southwest, Ed., Dennis Reinhartz”; “Nana’s Raid: Apache Warfare in Southern New Mexico, by Stephen H. Lekson”; & “The Great Comanche Raid, by

Donaly E. Brice.” Review of Texas Books. 2.4 (1988): 1,2,3,4,5.

“Essays Travel Into Our Hearts, Minds: A Review of Lost in West Texas, by James W. Cordor.” San Antonio Express-News: 20 March, 1988: 6‑H.

Reviews: “Lost in West Texas, by Jim W. Corder”; Film Flam: Essays on Hollywood, by Larry McMurtry”; “Larry McMurtry’s Texas: Evolution of the Myth, by Lera Tyler Lich”; “Famous Texas

Feuds, by Josephine Etlinger”; & “Lipan Apaches in Texas, by Thomas F. Schilz.” Review of Texas Books. 3.1 (1988): 2, 3‑4, 5, 6.

“A Nuclear Nightmare: Searching for Peace and a Home After the Last War: A Review of The Last Ship, by William Brinkley.” Dallas Morning News. 8 May, 1988: C‑8‑9.

“Verses Reveal a Heart at War: A Review of After the Lost War, by Andrew Hudgins.” San Antonio Express-News. 26 June, 1988: H‑6.

“Lost in Thought: Sharing Memories, Musings: A Review of Lost in West Texas, by Jim W. Cordor.” Dallas Morning News. 26 June, 1988: C‑8‑9.

Reviews: “Sentinel of the Southern Plains: Fort Richardson and the Northwest Texas Frontier, by Allen Hamilton”; “To Conquer a Peace: The War Between the United States and Mexico, by JohnEdward Weems”; & “Pilgrim in the Sun: a Southwestern Omnibus, by C. L. Sonnichsen.” Review of Texas Books. 3.2 (1988): 4‑5, 7.

“Illustrator Paints a Confusing Picture: A Review of The Illustrator, by James Robinson.” Dallas Morning News. 18 September, 1988: C-12.

“It’s Billy the Kid, Even Better Than His Own Legend: A Review of Anything for Billy, by Larry McMurtry.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 16 October, 1988: 6-7.

Reviews: “The Brothers of Uterica, by Benjamin Capps”; “Another Part of the House, by Winston M. Estes”; “Anything for Billy, by Larry McMurtry”; The Ragged Rebel: A Common Soldier in W. H.Parsons’ Texas Cavalry, 1861-1865, by B. P. Gallaway”; “Texas High Sheriffs, by Thad Sitton”; & “The Widest Float in the Parade, by Alex Burton.” Review of Texas Books 3.3 (1988): 1-2, 4-5, 7.

“This ‘Eight’ is More Than Enough: A Review of The Eight Corners of the World, by Gordon Weaver.” San Antonio Express-News. 25 December, 1988: H-6.

“Even Tale of Politicians, Corruption Can’t Go Far Without Plot: A Review of Wonderful Years, Wonderful Years, by George V. Higgins.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 27 December, 1988: 4-1.

“Recapturing 11 of Texas’ High Sheriffs: A Review of Texas High Sheriffs, by Thad Sitton.” Dallas Morning News. 1 January, 1989: 9-C.

“’Belle’ is Short on Style, but Long on Shock Value: A Review of Blue Belle, by Andrew Vachss.” San Antonio Express-News. 15 January, 1989: H-6.

“Apollo Saga Lags on Launch Pad: A Review of For All Mankind, by Harry Hurt III.” San Antonio Express-News. 5 February, 1989: H-6.

Reviews: “White Man’s Road, by Benjamin Capps”; “Unknown Texas, Eds., Jonathan Eisen & Harold Straughn”; “Fast Copy, by Dan Jenkins”; “Windfall and Other Stories, by Winifred M. Sanford”;

Castle Gap and the Pecos Frontier, by Patrick Dearen”; “Indianola, by Brownson Malsch”; & “Little Towns of Texas, Eds., Dathleen E. St. Clair & Clifton R. St. Clair.” Review of Texas Books. 3.4(1988): 1, 2, 3, 5, 8-9.

“’Size’ is Larger than Life, Lively: A Review of Size, by A. W. Gray.” San Antonio Express-News. 12 March, 1989: H-6.

“It’s Easy to Ignore Mexico Unless You’re a Writer: A Review of Gringos in Mexico, Ed., Edward Simmen.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 7 May, 1989: 6-7.

“For a First Novel, It’s Only Second-Rate: A Review of Velocity, by Kristin McCloy.” San Antonio Express-News. 7 May, 1989: H-5.

“So Grotesque but Still So Grand: A Review of Geek Love, by Katherin Dunn.” Dallas Morning News. 14 May, 1989: C-11.

“Vietnam Novel Rings True: A Review of Rolling Thunder, by Mark Berent.” San Antonio Express-News. 28 May, 1989: H-4.

Reviews: “South of the Border: The Return of Butch Cassidy, by John Byrne Cooke”; “Size, by A. W. Gray”; Out of Dallas: 14 Stories, Eds., Jane Roberts Wood, et al.”; “Writers’ Guide to TexasMarkets, Ed., Georgia Kemp Caraway”; & “Selected One-Act Plays of Horton Foote, Ed., Gerald C. Wood.” Review of Texas Books. 4.1 (1989): 1, 3, 4, 5.

“She’s the Heart of Austin’s Skyline: A Review of The Capitol Story: Statehouse in Texas, by Mike Fowler and Jack Maguire, et al.” San Antonio Express-News. 18 June, 1989: H-4.

“Language and Form Lend Beauty to Tale of Difficult Coming of Age: A Review of Watching the Body Burn, by Thomas Glynn.” San Antonio Express-News. 9 July, 1989: H-6.

“Battles Between Mother and Daddy as Confusing to Reader as to Child: A Review of Daddy’s Boy, by Carey Cameron.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 3 August, 1989: 4-1.

“Distaff Perspective of War: A Review of Buffalo Afternoon, by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer.” San Antonio Express-News. 6  August, 1989: H-6.

“Hip New Hero-Sleuth Tackles Austin Caper: A Review of Rock Critic Murders, by Jesse Sublett.” San Antonio Express-News. 20 August, 1989: G-6.

Reviews: “Owning Jolene, by Shelby Hearon”; “A Fine Time to Leave Me, by Terry Pringle”; “Eats: A Folk History of Texas Foods, by Ernestine Sewell Linck and Joyce Roach”; “Capitol Story:

Statehouse in Texas, by Mike Fowler, et al.”; & “A Literary History of the American West, by Western Literature Association and TCU Press.” Review of Texas Books. 4.2 (1989): 2, 3, 6, 8, 10.

“Tale of Broadway Hopeful Gets Rave: A Review of Emma, Who Saved My Life, by Wilton Barnhardt.” San Antonio Express-News. 3 September, 1989: J-6.

“A Fictive Confederacy of the South: 30 Stories Showcase the Regional Diversity: A Review of Stories: Contemporary Southern Fiction, Ed., Donald Hays.” Dallas Morning News. 10 September, 1989:C-12-13.

“Kiowa Boy-Turned-Millionaire Stars in Fine, Poignant Novel: A Review of Buffalo Nickel, by C. W. Smith.” San Antonio Express-News. 17 September, 1989: H-6.

“Colorful Characters, Story Line Keep Action Flowing in Murder Yarn: A Review of Murder by Deception, by D. R. Meredith.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 20 September, 1989: 5-1.

“Glorifying a Four-Letter Word – Love: A Review of Emma, Who Saved My Life, by Wilton Barnhardt.” Dallas Morning News. 24 September, 1989: C-2-3.

“Survival, Faith Are at Novel’s Core: A Review of The Scapeweed Goat, by Frank Schaefer.” San Antonio Express-News. 1 October, 1989: H-6.

“Family Saga Portrays Africa in Transition: A Review of Three Hunters, by William Harrison.” San Antonio Express-News. 8 October, 1989: H-5.

“Saigon to 42nd St.: An Asian Boy’s Life: A Review of The Deuce, by Robert Olen Butler.” Dallas Morning News. 5 November, 1989: J-7.

“Novelist Vachss Could Use New Shtick: A Review of Hard Candy, by Michael Vachss.” San Antonio Express-News. 19 November, 1989: H-6.

Reviews: “Texas Noon, by Leonard Sanders”; “The Scapeweed Goat, by Frank Schaefer”; “No Name on the Bullet: A Biography of Audie Murphy, by Don Graham”; & “Siringo, by Ben E. Pingenot.”Review of Texas Books. 4.3 (1989): 3, 4-5, 6.

“Lucy M. Lived to Tell It All: A Review of Oldest Living Confederate Widow, by Allan Gurganus.” San Antonio Express-News. 17 December, 1989: 8-J.

“Two Cultures Collide on a Field of Oil: A Review of Buffalo Nickel, by C. W. Smith.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 24 December, 1989: 6-7.

“An Odyssey of the Mind: A Review of Chronicle of a Small Town, by Jim W. Corder.” Dallas Morning News. 24 December, 1989: J-6-7.