Newspaper & Periodical Reviews – 1990s

Clay Reynolds has been reviewing books for major Sunday and daily book pages of significant metropolitan newspapers as well as numerous national and regional magazines and review journals since the mid-1980s. He has written more than 1100 book reviews overall. What follows is a list of his book reviews published in newspapers and other periodicals of the 1990s.

“Writer Continues Odyssey of the Mind: A Review of Chronicle of a Small Town, by Jim W. Corder. San Antonio Express-News. 21 January, 1990: H-6.

“Plenty of Action, but Author Fails to Score a Touchdown: A Review of Can’t Dance, by Max Crawford.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 28 January, 1990: 7-6.

“Punchless Lines, Gags That Drag, Misfired Jokes: A Review of Topsy Dingo Wild Dog, by Camilla Carr.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 18 February, 1990: 6-6.

Reviews: “The Warren Wagontrain Raid, by Benjamin Capps”; “The Sounds of Rescue, The Signs of Hope, by Robert Flynn”; Little Kingdoms, by John Irsfeld”; A Band of Brothers, by Walt McDonald”; Things We Lose: Stories, by Roland Sodowsky”; Rock Critic Murders, by Jesse Sublett”; “Chronicle of a Small Town, by Jim W. Corder”; “Black Cats, Hoot Owls, and Water Witches, Eds., Everett Gillis & Kenneth W. Davis”; “A Personal War in Vietnam, by Robert Flynn”; & The Frontier Experience and the American Dream: Essays on American Literature, Eds., David Mogan & Mark Busby.” Review of Texas Books. 4.4 (1990) 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8-9, 10.

“For Want of an Editor, Promising Novel is Lost: A Review of For the Sake of All Living Things, by John M. Del Vecchio.” San Antonio Express-News. 11 March, 1990: H-6.

“Of Life and Love and a Tear in the Beer: A Review of The Night Hank Williams Died: A Play in Two Acts With Incidental Music, by Larry L. King.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 1 April, 1990: 6-6.

“The Days When Spade Was Trump: A Review of Renderbrook: A Century Under the Spade Brand, by Steve Kelton.” Dallas Morning News. 8 April, 1990: J-6+.

“Hooray (?) for Hollywood: A Review of Hollywood, by Gore Vidal.” San Antonio Express-News. 8 April, 1990: H-6.

“No Gall, No Glory: A Review of Tycoon, by Terry Pringle.” Dallas Morning News. 15 April, 1990: J-6+.

“American Literature: Back in the Saddle Again: A Review of Beyond the Frontier: Writers, Western Regionalism, and a Sense of Place, Ed., Harold P. Simonson.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 15 April, 1990: 6-6.

“Small-Time Crooks Hatch Plan, Clumsily Botch Kid-snatching: A Review of Easter Weekend, by David Bottoms.” San Antonio Express-News. 20 May, 1990: H-6.

Reviews: “Some Can Whistle, by Larry McMurtry”; “The Life and Theatre of Margo Jones, by Helen Sheehy”; & “The Night Hank Williams Died: A Play in Two Acts With Incidental Music by Larry L. King.” Review of Texas Books. 5.1 (1990): 2, 5-6, 7.

“War Stories Tell Painful Truths: A Review of The Things They Carried, by Tim O’Brien.” San Antonio Express-News. 27 May, 1990: H-6.

“Secret’s Out: Gray Makes Crime Pay: A Review of In Defense of Judges, by A. W. Gray.” San Antonio Express-News. 10 June, 1990: H-6.

“One-Directional View is Good but Incomplete: A Review of Beyond the Frontier: Writers, Western Regionalism and a Sense of Place, Ed., Harold P. Simonson.” The Fort Worth Star Telegram. 8 July, 1990: 6-7.

“Writers Explore Region as Literary Impetus: A Review of Growing Up Western, Ed., Clarus Backes.” San Antonio Express-News. 15 July, 1990: H-6.

“Murder in Midlothian: A Review of Innocence Lost, by Carlton Stowers.” Dallas Morning News. 22 July, 1990: J-6, 8.

“Endearing Metroplex Scoundrels: A Review of In Defense of Judges, by A. W. Gray.” Dallas Morning News. 29 July, 1990: J-6, 8.

“Baseball Novel Heavy Hitter for Summer: A Review of California Rush, by Sherwood Kiraly.” San Antonio Express-News. 5 August, 1990: H-6.

“The Last Breath of the Old West: A Review of The Last Running, by John Graves.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 26 August, 1990: 6-6.

“Partly Cloudy: A Review of Sunshine on the Prairie: The Story of Cynthia Ann Parker, by Jack C. Ramsay.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 29 August, 1990: 5-4.

“Offbeat, Fascinating Fiction Leaves Reviewer Wondering: A Review of A Trail of Heart’s Blood Wherever We Go, by Robert Olmstead.” San Antonio Express-News. 2 September, 1990: H-6.

“Still King: A Review of Four Past Midnight, by Stephen King.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 16 September, 1990: 6-7.

“Baseball Book Stuck in Dugout: A Review of The Boys Who Would be Cubs, by Joseph Bosco.” San Antonio Express-News. 23 September, 1990: H-6.

“Having So Much Is, Well, Boring: A Review of Natural Selection, by Frederick Barthelme.” San Antonio Express-News. 7 October, 1990: H-6.

“King Rules With Horror Quartet: A Review of Four Past Midnight, by Stephen King.” San Antonio Express-News. 14 October, 1990: H-6.

“Looking Over the Southwest’s Rainbow of Words: Handy as Hip Pockets on a Hog: The Colorful Language of the American Southwest, by Donald Chain Black.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 4 November, 1990: 7-8.

Reviews: “Common Bonds: Stories by and About Modern Texas Women, Ed. by Suzanne Comer”; “CW2, by Lane Heath”; “Thin Men of Haddam, by C. W. Smith”; “Rush, by Kim Wozencraft”; “The Edge of the West and Other Stories, by Brian Woolley”; “Texas Humoresque: Lone Star Humorists From Then Till Now, Ed. and Compiled by C. L. Sonnichsen”; & “Introducing Mammals to Young Naturalists, by Ilo Hiller.” Review of Texas Books. 5.3 (1990): 1-2, 4, 6-7-8.

“Vonnegut Magic Lost in Gimmicks: A Review of Hocus Pocus, by Kurt Vonnegut.” San Antonio Express-News. 18 November, 1990: H-6.

“A Must-Read for ‘Thirtysomethings’ to Ponder: A Review of The Summer of the Paymaster, by Alfred Nielsen.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 25 November, 1990: 6-6.

“For Those Civil War Buffs Who Want Another Text: The Civil War: An Illustrated History, by Geoffrey C. Ward with Ric Burns and Ken Burns.” Dallas Morning News. 23 December, 1990: J-7.

“Characters Fascinating, but Plot Stumbles Along: A Review of Ride With Me, Mariah Montana, by Ivan Doig.” San Antonio Express-News. 13 January, 1991: H-6.

“Some Insightful Musings from a Cowtown Columnist: A Review of Plowboys, Cowboys and Slanted Pigs, by Jerry Flemmons.” Dallas Morning News. 20 January, 1991: J-10.

“Then and Now, War is Horror: A Review of The Norton Book of Modern War, Ed., Paul Fussell.” San Antonio Express-News. 27 January, 1991: L-5.

“Series Rebroadcast Stirs Interest: A Review of The Civil War: An Illustrated History, by Geoffrey Ward with Ric Burns and Ken Burns.” San Antonio Express-News. 3 February, 1991: L-5.

Reviews: “Buffalo Girls, by Larry McMurtry”; “Interim in the Desert, by Roland Sodowsky”; Katherine Anne Porter and Texas, Eds., Machann Clinton and William Bedford Clark”; “Texas Plays, Ed. William B. Martin”; & “Duel of Eagles, by Jeff Long.” Review of Texas Books. 5.4 (1991): 2, 3, 6, 7, 8.

“Dusty Roads: A Review of Refugio, They Named You Wrong, by Susan Clark Schofield.” Dallas Morning News. 19 May, 1991: J-6.

“Island Metaphor Floats Novel: A Review of Our Island Home, by Richard Haddaway.” San Antonio Express-News. 26 May, 1991: L-7.

“Civil War Tome Disappoints: A Review of The Town That Started the Civil War, by Nat Brandt.” San Antonio Express-News. 9 June, 1991: L-7.

“Crime Novelist a Cut Above: A Review of The Man Offside, by A. W. Gray.” San Antonio Express-News. 30 June, 1991: L-7.

“Bounty Hunting With a Dallas Backdrop: A Review of The Man Offside, by A. W. Gray.” Dallas Morning News. 7 July, 1991: J-6-7.

“Lawyer-Scribe May Move On: A Review of Sacrifice, by Andrew Vachss.” San Antonio Express-News. 28 July, 1991: L-7.

“Robert Flynn’s Satire of a Protestant Minister’s Angst: A Review of In the House of the Lord, by Robert Flynn.” Dallas Morning News. 28 July, 1991: J-6.

Reviews: “Quanah Parker: Comanche Chief, by Rosemary K. Kissinger”; “Line of Fall, by Miles Wilson”; “Cynthia Ann Parker, by James T. Deshields & Cynthia Ann Parker: The Life and the Legend, by Margaret Schmidt Hacker”; “The Texas Legacy of Katherine Ann Porter, by James T. F. Tanner”; and The Tornado, by John Edward Weems.” Review of Texas Books. 6.2 (1991): 2, 3, 5, 7, 9.

“Tracking the Short but Colorful History of ‘The Q.’: A Review of The Quanah Route: A History of the Quanah, Acme and Pacific Railway, by Donald L. Hofsommer.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 6 October, 1991: E-8.

“King of Novelistic Horrors Bids Castle Rock Farewell: A Review of Needful Things, by Stephen King.” San Antonio Express-News. 20 October, 1991: L-5.

“A Mundane Life, Treated Tenderly: A Review of Paul Scott, by Hillary Spurling.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 27 October, 1991: E-8.

Reviews: “The Hereafter Gang, by Neil Barrett, Jr.”; “The World Around Midnight, by Patricia Browning Griffith”; “In the House of the Lord, by Robert Flynn”; “The Quanah Route: A History of the Quanah, Acme and Pacific Railway, by Donald L. Hofsommer”; & “Horsing Around: Contemporary Cowboy Humor, Eds., Lawrence Clayton and Kenneth W. Davis.” Review of Texas Books. 6.3 (1991): 1,2, 10, 11.

“God’s Will?: A Review of The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez, by John Rechy.” Dallas Morning News. 22 December, 1991: J-6-7.

“Could it be Satan? Definitely: A Review of Needful Things, by Stephen King.” Dallas Morning News. 23 January, 1992: C-4.

“Reviews: “Tom Northway, by Marshall Terry”; “Roping Can be Hazardous to Your Health, by Kurt Brummett”; & “Hell’s Half Acre: Life and Legend in a Red-Light District, by Richard F. Selcer.”Review of Texas Books. 6.4 (1992): 2, 6, 10.

“King of Horror has Unregal Life: A Review of The Stephen King Story: A Literary Profile, by George Beahm.” San Antonio Express-News. 15 March, 1992: P-4.

“With Feet of Clay the Norm, ‘Texas Express’ Stands Out: A Review of Nolan Ryan: The Authorized Pictorial History, by the Summit Group.” San Antonio Express-News. 5 April, 1992: L-4.

“Nostalgic Look at Texas from Terry Southern: A Review of Texas Summer, by Terry Southern.” Dallas Morning News. 19 April, 1992: J-9.

“Poets Speak of Life, Love, Happiness and Reality: A Review of Simple Versions of Disaster, by Jerry Bradley, and The Never-Ending, by Andrew Hudgins.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 26 April, 1992: E-12.

Reviews: “Against the Moon, by Jane Gilmore Rushing”; “Bigger ‘N Dallas, by Kurt Tidmore”; “Nolan Ryan: The Authorized Pictorial History, Ed., Kent D. Pingel”; “Army Exploration in the American West, by William H. Goetzmann”; & “The Highly Irregular Irregulars: Texas Rangers in the Mexican War, by Frederick Wilkins.” Review of Texas Books. 7.1 (1992): 2, 2-3, 3, 5, 8, 10.

“Dads, Moms Do Battle on the Diamond: A Review of Little League Confidential, by Bill Geist.” San Antonio Express-News. 12 July, 1992: N-5.

“San Antonio Ties Fill Fine Dean Bio: A Review of Diz: The Story of Dizzy Dean and Baseball During the Great Depression, by Robert Gregory.” San Antonio Express-News. 12 July, 1992: N-5.

“Chains of Love: A Review of Gerald’s Game, by Stephen King.” Dallas Morning News. 26 July, 1992: J-8.

“Game Goes Awry for Gerald: A Review of Gerald’s Game, by Stephen King.” San Antonio Express-News. 26 July, 1992: H-5.

Reviews: “Smoke Jumpers, by Paul Freeman”; “White Heat, by C.C. Risenhoover”; “Jesse Chisholm, by Ralph B. Cushman”;  “Lady: The Story of Claudia Alta [Lady Bird] Johnson, by Jean Flynn”; & “The Kingfish, by Larry L. King.” Review of Texas Books. 7.2 (1992) 1, 3, 5, 10-11.

“A Powerful Novel of–But Not About–Baseball: A Review of The Brothers K, by David James Duncan.” Dallas Morning News. 30 August, 1992.

Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball, by Harvey Frommer.” San Antonio Express-News. 13 September, 1992: N-5.

“A Well-Told Tale: A Review of Chasing Uncle Charlie, by Cruce Stark.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 27 September, 1992: G-8.

“A Texan Writes of Life and the Accidents of Personal History: A Review of Yonder, by Jim W. Corder.” Dallas Morning News. 11 October, 1992: J-8.

“A Poet Who Also Can Make A Short Story Soar: A Review of Airlift, by Jan Epton Seale.” Dallas Morning News. 22 November, 1992: J-8, 10.

“A Ghost Story Unfolds in a More Innocent, Yet Oppressive Time: A Review of A Promise to Catie, by Judd Holt.” Dallas Morning News. 6 December, 1992: J-10.

Reviews: “By the Wayside, by Jeff Putnam”; “Rockspring, by R. G. Vliet”; and “Quanah Parker, by Len Hilts.” Review of Texas Books. 7.3 (1992): 3, 5.

“Children Ask, Elders Answer, and History is the Result: A Review of When I was Just Your Age: Remarkable Reflections on Growing Up in Another Era. Eds., Robert Flynn and Susan Russell.” Dallas Morning News. 25 December, 1992: C-4.

“King Probes Even Darker Waters Yet: A Review of Dolores Claiborne, by Stephen King.” Dallas Morning News. 3 January, 1993: J-8-9.

“Is King of Horror Maturing?: A Review of Dolores Clairborne, by Stephen King.” San Antonio Express-News. 3 January, 1993: H-5.

“Texas Tale’s Details Are Its Saving Grace: A Review of Star of Empire, by Leonard Sanders.” Dallas Morning News. 17 January, 1993: J-8, 12.

“A Depression Snapshot as Captured by a Child: A Review of A Place in Mind, by Dulce D. Moore.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 17 January, 1993: G-7.

“King Cotton: A Review of Bale O’ Cotton: The Mechanical Art of Cotton Ginning, by Karen Gerhardt Britton.” Dallas Morning News. 31 January, 1993: J-8.

“Photo-History Recalls Cotton’s Kingly Reign: A Review of Bale O’ Cotton: The Mechanical Art of Cotton Ginning, by Karen Gerhardt Britton.” San Antonio Express-News. 7 March, 1993: M-5.

Reviews: “A Place in Mind, by Dulce D. Moore”; “Airlift, by Jan Epton Seale”; Walking Dunes, by Sandra Scofield”; The Brushlanders, by Robert Winship”; “Automobiles, by Linda Craven & Jerry Craven”; “Fighting Men of the Indian Wars, by Bill O’Neal”; “Winston M. Estes, by Bob J. Frye”; & “Cowboy Life on the Texas Plains: The Photographs of Ray Rector, Ed., Margaret Rector.”Review of Texas Books. 7.4 (1993): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10.

“Apache Life in Detail, If Not Skillful Prose: A Review of Apache Autumn, by Robert Skimmin.” Dallas Morning News. 28 March, 1993: J-8-9.

“Unpreachy Tale of Values is a Keeper: A Review of Fishing for Trouble, by T. A. Dalrymple.” Fort Worth Star Telegram. 28 March, 1993: D-6.

“An Old West of Predators and Victims: A Review of Power in the Blood, by Greg Matthews.” Dallas Morning News. 6 June, 1993: J-9.

“On Independence Day, Recall Arnold: A Review of The Arnold/Andre Transcripts: A Reconstruction, by Daniel Marder.” San Antonio Express-News. 4 July, 1993: K-5.

“Cunning Villain Stalks Big D, Keeps Reader Turning Pages: A Review of Killings, by A. W. Gray.” San Antonio Express-News. 14 August, 1993: K-5.

“Dead-On Dallas: A Review of Killings, by A. W. Gray.” Dallas Morning News. 14 August, 1993: J-8-9.

Review: “Empire of Bones, by Jeff Long”; “Life of Robert Hall, by [Brazos]”; “ Quanah Parker: Comanche Chief, by William T. Hagan”; & “The Golden Shadows of the Old West Museum, by Larry L. King.” Review of Texas Books. 8.2 (1993): 1-2, 4, 5, 6.

“’Quiet War’ Texas Boy’s Undoing: A Review of The Useless Servants, by Rolando Hinojosa.” San Antonio Express-News. 5 September, 1993: K-5.

“Ernest Gaines Weaves Haunting Tale: A Review of A Lesson Before Dying, by Ernest Gaines.” San Antonio Express-News. 31 October, 1993: K-5.

“A Gentle Look Back at a Turbulent Epoch: A Review of When the Century Was Young, by Dee Brown.” Dallas Morning News. 14 November, 1993: J-10.

Reviews: “Border Crossings, by David Fleming”; “Streets of Laredo, by Larry McMurtry”; “Bad Hand: A Biography of General Ranald S. Mackenzie, by Charles M. Robinson, III”; “Horton Foote’s Three Trips to Bountiful, Eds., Barbara Moore and David G. Yellin”; and “A Month of Sundays, by Kent Biffle.” Review of Texas Books. 3&4 (1993): 1-2, 3, 11, 13, 16.

“Southern Anthology Isn’t Always ‘Southern’: A Review of New Stories from the South: The Year’s Best, 1993, Ed., Shannon Ravenel.” Dallas Morning News. 26 December, 1993: J-8-9.

“True-Crime Story Becomes Commentary: A Review of Poisoned Dreams, by A. W. Gray.” San Antonio Express-News. 2 January, 1994: K-5.

“Idle Question Turns into a Consuming Quest: A Review of Hunting Lieutenant Chadbourne, by Jim W. Corder.” Dallas Morning News. 16 January, 1994: J-8-9.

“Out of Brooklyn, Stories of Change Challenging Values: A Review of Bone by Bone, by Gary Krist.” Philadelphia Inquirer. 17 April, 1994: E-3.

“Sports Writer’s Short Stories Pivot on the Game He Loves So Well: A Review of Hitting Into the Wind, by Bill Meissner.” Dallas Morning News. 24 April, 1994: J-9.

Texas Ranger: Jack Hays in The Frontier Southwest, by James Kimmins Greer.” Review of Texas Books. 9.2 (1994): 6.

“Flynn’s Vietnam Novel a Brutal, Brilliant Work: A Review of The Last Klick, by Robert Flynn.” Houston Chronicle. 19 June, 1994: “Zest,” 25, 29.

“A Depression Crossing to Mexico: A Review of The Crossing, by Cormac McCarthy.” Philadelphia Inquirer. 26 June, 1994: F-4-5.

“Dreams, Reality Mingle in Fine Story Collection: A Review of The Way We Know in Dreams, by Gordon Weaver.” San Antonio Express-News. 3 July, 1994: K-5.

“Too Much Off the Top: A Review of Bad Haircut, by Tom Perrotta.” Houston Chronicle. 31 July, 1994: “Zest,” 19-20.

“Teenage Rebel from ’50s, Hanging Out in California and Wary of Life’s Traps: A Review of The Mortician’s Apprentice, by Rick DeMarinis.” Philadelphia Inquirer. 14 August, 1994: N-2.

“Ponder Georgie Radbourn While Mourning Loss of Baseball Season: A Review of How Georgie Radbourn Saved Baseball, by David Shannon.” San Antonio Express-News. 21 August, 1994: K-7.

“’The Glass Hammer’ is Eloquent Example of Power, Impact of Well-Crafted Poetry: A Review of The Glass Hammer, by Andrew Hudgins.” San Antonio Express-News. 4 September, 1994: K-5.

“Looks as if Burns and Ward Have Another Hit: A Review of Baseball: An Illustrated History, by Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns.” Dallas Morning News. 18 September, 1994: J-8-9.

“Read Ball!: A Review of Baseball: An Illustrated History, by Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns.” Houston Chronicle. 7 October, 1994: “Zest,” 21, 26.

“Formula Bubbles Over: A Review of Insomnia, by Stephen King.” Dallas Morning News. 23 October, 1994: J-8-9.

“Pretty Boy Floyd: Bank Robber and Dust Bowl Hero: A Review of Pretty Boy Floyd, by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana.” Philadelphia Inquirer. 23 October, 1994: E-2.

“British Novel Finds Ugly Truths in Texas Prison: A Review of Green River Rising, by Tim Willocks.” Houston Chronicle. 23 October, 1994: “Zest,” 22, 26.

“’Insomnia’ Won’t Keep You Up: A Review of Insomnia, by Stephen King.” San Antonio Express-News. 23 October, 1994: K-6.

“Ugly Greatness: A Review of Cobb: The Life and Times of the Meanest Man Who Ever Played Baseball, by Al Stump.” Houston Chronicle. 6 November, 1994: “Zest,” 33, 38.

“A Writer’s First Novel Doesn’t Quite Match His Stories’ Promise: A Review of The Last Known Residence of Mickey Acuña, by Dagoberto Gilb.” Philadelphia Inquirer. 6 November, 1994: K-2.

“Will Rogers Never Met Tyrus Cobb: A Review of Cobb: A Biography, by Al Stump.” San Antonio Express-News. 27 November, 1994: K-6.

“The Truth About Santa: A Review of The Autobiography of Santa Claus: It’s Better to Give, by Jeff Guinn. Dallas Morning News. 18 December, 1994: J-8-9.

“After Warhol’s 15 Minutes, There’s Nothing but Death and Disaster: A review of Death and Disaster, by Paul Alexander.” Houston Chronicle. 18 December, 1994: “Zest,” 33-34.

“Shakespeare in Texas–Why Not? A Review of Texas in Poetry, Ed., Billy Bob Hill.” San Antonio Express-News. 1 January, 1995: K-6.

“Poets Offer a Memorable Look at Texas: A Review of Texas in Poetry, Ed., Billy Bob Hill.” Houston Chronicle. 15 January, 1995: “Zest,” 27, 34.

“From Mayans to Wounded Knee: History Details Pain of Cultural Clash: A Review of 500 Nations, Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.” Houston Chronicle. 5 February, 1995: “Zest,” 21, 24.

“The People Live On in Volume: A Review of 500 Nations, by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.” San Antonio Express-News. 16 April, 1995: K-6.

“Misperceptions and Greed Doomed the 500 Nations: A Review of 500 Nations, by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.” Dallas Morning News. 23 April, 1995: J-9.

“Stunning Period Photographs Enrich Browns Readable ‘American West’: A Review of The American West, by Dee Brown.” Houston Chronicle. 23 April, 1995: “Zest,” 34.

“Working-Class Connotation Approprite: A Review of Semi-Private Rooms, by Jim Sanderson.” San Antonio Express-News. 30 April, 1995: K-8; rpt. Texas Writer’s Newsletter 65 (1995): 23.

“’Forrest Gump’ Author Writes Civil War Study: A Review of Shrouds of Glory, by Winston Groom.” San Antonio Express-News. 7 May, 1995: L-5.

“McMurtry Moves ‘Candide’ to Sin City, U.S.A.: A Review of The Late Child, by Larry McMurtry.” Houston Chronicle. 7 May, 1995: “Zest,” 22, 27.

“Tell Us What You Really Think, Guys: A Review of The Biographical History of Baseball, by Donald Dewey and Nicholas Accocella.” San Antonio Express-News. 21 May, 1995: L-4.

Larry McMurtry and the Victorian Novel, by Roger Jones: A Review.” Review of Texas Books. 10 (1995): 9.

Billy the Kid: The Legend of El Chivato, by Elizabeth Fackler.” Kirkus Reviews. 1 June, 1995: 727.

“Bino’s Blues: A Review of Bino’s Blues, by A. W. Gray.” San Antonio Express-News. 4 June, 1995: L-5.

“’The Fan’ Hits Home Run as Baseball Thriller: A Review of The Fan, by Peter Abrahams.” Houston Chronicle. 11 June, 1995: “Zest,” 14, 23.

Reviews: “The Pistoleer, by James Carlos Blake”; & “Flaming Sky, by Earl Murray.” Kirkus Reviews. 15 June, 1995: 795, 805.

Dance on the Wind, by Terry C. Johnston.” Kirkus Reviews. 1 July, 1995: 883.

Reviews: “Long River, by Joseph Bruchac”; & “The Last Stand, by Edwin P. Hoyt.” Kirkus Reviews. 15 July, 1995: 963, 972.

“When Rose Gets Madder, King’s Story Gets Better: A Review of Rose Madder, by Stephen King.” San Antonio Express-News. 23 July, 1995: L-4.

Made in America a Rollicking Read: A Review of Made in America, by Bill Bryson.” Houston Chronicle. 30 July, 1995: “Zest,” 23, 26.

Bearer of the Pipe, by Don Coldsmith.” Kirkus Reviews. 1 August, 1995: 1040.

“Reader Believes It’s True, Almost: A Review of True Crime, by Andrew Klavan.” San Antonio Express-News. 6 August, 1995: L-5.

“Fighter, not a Trumpet: A Review of Rebel Private: Front and Rear, by William A. Fletcher.” San Antonio Express-News. 20 August: L-4-5.

Chaputlepec, by Norman Zollinger.” Kirkus Reviews. 1 September, 1995: 1220.

“Hot, Hip, Happenin’ and Lost in the 1770’s: A Review of A Place Called Freedom, by Ken Follett.” Dallas Morning News. 1 October, 1995: J-8, 10.

Two-Bear Mambo an Entertaining But Predictable Waltz Across East Texas.” Houston Chronicle. 22 October, 1995: “Zest,” 21,25.

“Stories from the SouthValue Craft Over Excitement: A Review of Stories from the South: The Year’s Best, 1994, Ed., Shannon Ravenel.” Houston Chronicle. 29 October, 1995: “Zest,” 25-26.

“A Wide-Awake ‘Sleeper’ from Safire, a Snooze from Buckley: A Review of Sleeper Spy, by William Safire and Brothers No More, by William F. Buckley.” Dallas Morning News. 19 November, 1995: J-10.

“Being an Undead Has Decided Advantages: A Review of Bloodsucking Fiends, by Christopher Moore. San Antonio Express-News. 26 November, 1995: L-5.

“Book One Wants to Like–But Can’t: A Review of Twilight, by Nancy Pickard.” San Antonio Express-News. 10 December, 1995: L-5.

“Frontier Play: How the West Had Fun: A Review of Seeking Pleasure in the Old West, by David Drury.” Houston Chronicle. 24 December, 1995: “Zest,” 23, 25.

“Tale’s Hot Intensity Burns Away Doubts: A Review of The Burning, by Frank Norwood.” San Antonio Express-News. 24 December, 1996: L-5.

“Flynn’s Striking Stories Explore Conflict: A Review of Living With the Hyenas, by Robert Flynn.” Houston Chronicle. 31 December, 1995: “Zest,” 24, 32.

“Harry Crews Makes a Mess of Silly Satire, ‘Mulching’: A Review of The Mulching of America, by Harry Crews.” Houston Chronicle. 7 January, 1995: “Zest,” 33-34.

“’Literary Novel’ Mood-Driven Rather than Action, Sex-Fueled: A Review of The Sky Fisherman, by Craig Lesley.” San Antonio Express-News. 7 January, 1996: L-5.

“Art Imitates (Sometimes Ugly) Life: A Review of Smoking Hopes, by Victoria N. Alexander.” San Antonio Express-News. 21 January, 1996: L-5.

“A Political Puzzle: A Review of Primary Colors, by Anonymous.” The Philadelphia Inquirer. 11 February, 1996: K-1,8.

“No Trade Deficit for Charlie: A Review of Smoking Hopes, by Victoria N. Alexander.” Dallas Morning News. 11 February, 1996: J-8-9.

“No Matter What You Call Him, Call Him Talented: A Review of Shares, by William Gray.” San Antonio Express-News. 31 March, 1996: L-4.

“Viva Baseball!: A Review of The Veracruz Blues, by Mark Winegardner.” Houston Chronicle. 31 March, 1996: “Zest,” 23, 29.

“Horror on the Installment Plan: A Review of The Green Mile: Part One: The Two Dead Girls, by Stephen King.” San Antonio Express-News. 7 April, 1996: L-5.

“1946: Year of the ‘Raid’: A Review of The Veracruz Blues, by Mark Winegardner.” San Antonio Express-News. 21 April, 1996: L-4-5.

“Latina Writers’ Voices Ring True in Anthology: A Review of Daughters of the Fifth Sun: A Collection of Latina Fiction and Poetry, Ed., Bryce Milligan, et. al.” Dallas Morning News. 21 April, 1996: J-9-10.

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