Newspaper & Periodical Reviews – 2000s

Clay Reynolds has been reviewing books for major Sunday and Daily book pages of significant metropolitan newspapers as well as numerous national and regional magazines and review journals since the mid-1980s. He has written more than 1100 book reviews overall. What follows is a list of his book reviews published in newspapers and other periodicals of the 2000s. He retired from book reviewing in 2016.

The Gates of the Alamo, by Stephen Harrigan.” Publisher’s Weekly. 17 January, 2000: 41.

American By Blood, by Andrew Huebner.” Publisher’s Weekly. 31 January, 2000: 80.

The Borderland: A Novel of Texas, by Edwin Shrake.” Publisher’s Weekly. 24 February, 2000: 61-62.

The 1898 Base-Ball FE-AS-KO, by Randall Beth Platt.” Publisher’s Weekly. 13 March, 2000: 53.

“Texas’ Early History Gets the Better of Able Novelist: A Review of The Borderland, by Edwin Shrake.” Houston Chronicle. 26 March, 2000: “Zest,” 14, 27.

Remembrance Day, by Henry Porter.” Publisher’s Weekly. 27 March, 2000: 51-52.

Antietam, by James Reasoner.” Publisher’s Weekly. 24 April, 2000: 61.

The Other Side, by Kevin McColley.” Publisher’s Weekly. 15 May, 2000: 88.

Sign-Talker: The Adventure of George Drouillard on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by James Alexander Thom.” Publisher’s Weekly. 5 June, 2000: 74.

“Mechanics Mar Story of Jesse James, Hero Worship: A Review of The Chivalry of Crime, by Desmond Barry.” Houston Chronicle. 25 June, 2000: “Zest,” 15, 22, 32.

Grant, by Max Byrd.” Publisher’s Weekly. 10 July, 2000: 43.

Wildwood Boys, by James Carlos Blake; & Sister Coyote, by Mary Clearman Blew.” Publisher’s Weekly. 31 July, 2000: 72.

“Shaara’s ‘Mexican War’ Misses Mark: A Review of Gone for Soldiers: A Novel of the Mexican War, by Jeff Shaara.” Dallas Morning News. 6 August, 2000: J-9.

Promise of Glory, by C. X. Moreau.” Publisher’s Weekly. 21 August, 2000: 47.

The Encyclopedia of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution, by Thom Hatch.” Review of Texas Books. 15.3 (2000): 7.

Perfect Silence, by Jeff Hutton.” Publisher’s Weekly. 4 September, 2000: 84.

Boone’s Lick, by Larry McMurtry.” Publisher’s Weekly. 25 September, 2000: 86.

Bump and Run, by Mike Lupica.” Publisher’s Weekly. 9 October, 2000: 70.

American West, Ed., Loren D. Estleman.” Publisher’s Weekly. 20 November, 2000: 46.

The Life and Times of Pancho Villa, by Friedrich Katz.” Review of Texas Books. 15.4 (2000): 5.

Buffalo Gordon, by J.P. Sinclair Lewis.” Publisher’s Weekly. 18 December, 2000: 54.

 “1921, by Morgan Llywelyn.” Publisher’s Weekly. 15 January, 2001: 51.

“Home on Our Range: A Review of Close Calls: Jan Reid’s Texas, by Jan Reid.” Dallas Morning News. 21 January, 2001: C-9.

“Padgett Powell: Clever Moments in a Pointless Novel: A Review of Mrs. Hollingworth’s Men, by Padgett Powell.” Houston Chronicle. 21 January, 2001: “Zest,” 19, 24.

Raven Mocker, by Don Coldsmith.” Publisher’s Weekly. 19 February, 2001: 71.

The Last Buffalo Hunter, by Jake Mosher.” Publisher’s Weekly. 26 March, 2001: 64.

Plain and Ugly Jane: The Rise of the Ugly Women in Contemporary American Fiction, by Charlotte Wright.” Texas Writer’s Newsletter. 17 (2001): 14-15.

May There Be A Road, by Louis L’Amour.” Publisher’s Weekly. 9 April, 2001: 49.

The Beardless Warriors, by Richard Matheson.” Publisher’s Weekly. 30 April, 2001: 57-58.

“Yates is Back with Stellar Tales: The Collected Stories of Richard Yates.” Houston Chronicle. 27 May, 2001: “Zest,” 15, 18-19.

Eden’s Gate, by David Hagberg.” Publisher’s Weekly. 4 June, 2001: 56-57.

The Master Executioner, by Loren Estleman.” Publisher’s Weekly. 18 June, 2001: 60.

“A Rollicking Bllack Humor Romp: A Review of Robbers, by Christopher Cook.” Texas Books in Review. 21.1 (2001): 15, 17.

Bucking the Tiger, by Bruce Olds.” Publisher’s Weekly. 9 July, 2001: 42.

Spanish Jack, by Robert J. Conley.” Publisher’s Weekly. 30 July, 2001: 61.

“Conflict at Home and Abroad: A Review of Fort Benning Blues, by Mark Busby.” Dallas Morning News. 12 August, 2001: C-10.

This Rock, by Robert Morgan.” Publisher’s Weekly. 27 August, 2001: 56.

“Fans of Fiction Will Enjoy Yates’ Gems: A Review of The Collected Stories of Richard Yates.” Dallas Morning News . 9 September, 2001: C-11.

Billy Boy, by Bud Shrake.” Publisher’s Weekly. 24 September, 2001: 65-66. Reviews: “The Deer Pasture, by Rick Bass”; “Lone Star Menagerie: Adventures with

Texas Wildlife , by Jim Harris”; Over the Wall: The Men Behind the 1934 ‘Death House’ Escape , by Patrick M. McConal.” Review of Texas Books. 16.3 (2001): 9, 10.

Counting Coup, by Jack Dann.” Publisher’s Weekly. 1 October, 2001: 34.

We Look Like Men of War, by William R. Forstchen.” Publisher’s Weekly. 22 October, 2001: 47.

The Heavenly World Series, by Frank O’Rourke.” Publisher’s Weekly. 3 December, 2001: 38-39.

Henderson’s Spear, by Ronald Wright.” Publisher’s Weekly. 24 December, 2001: 38.

“Editor’s Choice: A Grand Return to the Grand Old Days of Fine Writing: But Not for Love , by Bud Shrake.” Review of Texas Books. 16.4 (2001): 2.

Gum’s Story, by Rick Turnbull.” Publisher’s Weekly. 4 February, 2002: 49.

“Western Master: A Review of The Way of the Coyote, by Elmer Kelton.” Houston Chronicle . 13 January, 2002: “Zest,” 19.

“Short Stories With a Long Shelf Life: A Review of Islands, Women, and God, by Paul Ruffin.” Dallas Morning News. 17 February, 2002: C-13.

Red Clay, Blue Cadillac: Twelve Southern Women, by Michael Malone.” Publisher’s Weekly . 18 February, 2002: 70.

Trial by Fire, by James Reasoner.” Publisher’s Weekly. 18 March, 2002: 74.

Irreparable Damage, by Joseph T. Klempner.” Publisher’s Weekly. 8 April, 2002: 201.

Cult: A Novel of Brainwashing and Death, by Warren Adler.” Publisher’s Weekly. 29 April, 2002: 38.

The Martian Child, by David Gerrold.” Publisher’s Weekly. 3 June, 2002: 66.

“Rangers Realigned: A Review of Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers , by Robert M. Utley.” Houston Chronicle. 23 June, 2002: “Zest,” 17.

“Hapless Humanity: A Review of Sin Killer, by Larry McMurtry.” Houston Chronicle.30 June, 2002: “Zest,” 21, 31.

Fresh Eggs, by Rob Levandoski.” Publisher’s Weekly. 24 June, 2002: 36.

The Ice Beneath You, by Christian Bauman.” Publisher’s Weekly. 5 August, 2002: 50.

“Hard Lessons Learned in the Big Easy: A Review of Pompeii Man, by Paul Ruffin.” Dallas Morning News. 18 August, 2002: C-8.

Tricky Business, by Dave Barry.” Publisher’s Weekly. 9 September, 2002: 42-43.

“Probe of Jesse James As Product of His Time Falls Short: A Review of Jesse James, by T. J. Stiles.” Houston Chronicle. 20 October, 2002: “Zest,” 23-24.

The Gold Swan, by James Thayer.” Publisher’s Weekly. 21 October, 2002: 56-57.

“Amusing Ramblings of a Popular Novelist: A Review of Growing Up a Sullen Baptist and Other Lies , by Robert Flynn.” Review of Texas Books. 17.3 (2002): 10.

Emperor: The Gates of Rome, by Conn Iggulden.” Publisher’s Weekly. 4 November, 2002: 62.

I Should Be Extremely Happy in Your Company: A Novel of Lewis and Clark, by Brian Hall.” Publisher’s Weekly. 25 November, 2002: 42.

Reviews: “A Rebel Wife in Texas, Ed., Ericka L. Murr”; & “Polk’s Army: The American Military Experience in the Mexican War , by Richard Bruce Winders.” Review of Texas Books . 17.4 (2002): 9, 10.

Under the Skin, by James Carlos Blake.” Publisher’s Weekly. 23 December, 2002: 45.

“Fiery Times Predate the Melting Pot: A Review of The Wished-For Country, by Wayne Karlin.” The Dallas Morning News. 12 January, 2003: 9-C.

Heart Seizure, by Bill Fitzhugh.” Publisher’s Weekly. 24 February, 2003: 52.

The Navigation Log, by Martin Corrick.” Publisher’s Weekly. 24 March, 2003: 57.

Gentlemen of Space, by Ira Sher.” Publisher’s Weekly. 7 April, 2003: 46.

Reviews: “The Roots of Texas Music, Eds., Lawrence Clayton and Joe W. Sprecht”; “Land!: Irish Pioneers in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas, by Graham Davis”; & “Black Powder, White Smoke, by Loren D. Estleman.” Review of Texas Books: 28.2 (2003): 10-11, 11, 11.

Prisoners of Flight, by Sid Gustafson.” Publisher’s Weekly. 26 May, 2003: 50.

A Country of Their Own, by David Poyer.” Publisher’s Weekly. 16 June, 2003: 49.

In Time of War, by Allen Appel.” Publisher’s Weekly. 23 June, 2003: 45.

The African Safari Papers, by Robert Sedlack.” Publisher’s Weekly. 28 July, 2003: 77.

Present Value, by Sabin Willett.” Publisher’s Weekly. 8 September, 2003: 56.

“Pair Signal Gettysburg’s Importance: A Review of Gettysburg, by Stephen W. Sears, & Beneath a Northern Sky, by Steven E. Woodworth.” Dallas Morning News. 12 October, 2003: G-10.

Elroy Nights, by Frederick Barthelme.” Publisher’s Weekly. 13 October, 2003: 57.“

Washington and Caesar, by Christian Cameron.” Publisher’s Weekly. 24 November, 2003: 43.

“ Cottonwood, by Scott Phillips.” Publisher’s Weekly. 15 December, 2003: 52.

“The First 48, by Tim Green.” Publisher’s Weekly. 26 January, 2004: 231.

“Family Had Little But Dreams During the Depression: A Review of The Bootlegger’s Other Daughter, by Mary Cimarolli.” Dallas Morning News. 15 February, 2004: G-12.

“1906, by James Dalessandro.” Publisher’s Weekly. 23 February, 2004: 48.

“Leaving Hearth and Home: A Review of Eldorado: The California Gold Rush, by Dale Walker.” Review of Texas Books. 18.1 (2004): 13.

“Our Savage, by Matt Pavelich.” Publisher’s Weekly. 8 March, 2004: 48.

“Misdemeanor Man, by Dylan Schaffer.” Publisher’s Weekly. 29 March, 2004: 35.

“Ordinary Wolves, by Seth Kantner.” Publisher’s Weekly. 3 May, 2004: 170.

“A Memorable Take on a Slighted Battle: Bright Starry Banner, by Alden R. Carter.” Dallas, Morning News. 6 June, 2004: G-8.

“The Rebel: The Imagined Life of James Dean, by Jack Dann.” Publisher’s Weekly. 23 June, 2004: 42-43.

“Voyageurs, by Margaret Elphinstone.” Publisher’s Weekly. 16 August, 2004: 45.

“Shenandoah Summer, by John Jaffe.” Publisher’s Weekly. 16 August, 2004: 44.

“Young Will: The Confessions of William Shakespeare, by Bruce Cook.” Publisher’s Weekly. 20 September, 2004: 47.

“The Virtues of War: A Novel of Alexander the Great, by Steven Pressfield.” Publisher’s Weekly. 11 October, 2004: 57.

The Palace of Heavenly Pleasures, by Adam Williams.” Publisher’s Weekly. 3 January, 2005: 37.

The Scourge of God, by William Dietrich.” Publisher’s Weekly. 7 February, 2005: 41.

Rebels of Babylon, by Owen Parry.” Publisher’s Weekly. 28 February, 2005: 42-43.

“Bizarre Murders Call for a Kinky Sleuth: A review of Ten Little New Yorkers, by Kinky  Friedman.” Dallas Morning News. 20 March, 2005: G-10.

“Texas First Writers’ Groups: Two Perspectives: A Review of Lone Star Chapters: The Story of Texas Literary Clubs, by Betty Holland Wiesepape.”;  & “War in the West Revisited: A Review of The Finishing Stroke: Texans in the 1864 Tennessee Campaign, by John R. Lundberg.” Review of Texas Books. 20.1 (2005):  2,-3, 15.

Texas Post Office Murals, by Philip Parisi.” Desert Candle. 12.5 (2005): 12, 26.

Sails on the Horizon, by Jay Worrall.” Publisher’s Weekly. 28 March, 2005: 58.

Mafia Summer, by E. Duke Vincent.” Publisher’s Weekly. 9 May, 2005: 42.

Lethal Secrets, by Pete Earley.” Publisher’s Weekly. 9 May, 2005: 43.

“A Salute to The Colonel and Little Missy: A Review of The Colonel and Little Missy, by Larry McMurtry.” Houston Chronicle.  6 June, 2005: “Zest,” 20, 26.

The Undertaker’s Wife, by Loren D. Estleman.” Publisher’s Weekly. 13 June, 2005: 29

“The Chat Falls Flat in ‘Conversations’: A Review of Conversations with Texas Writers, Frances Leonard and Ramona Cearley, Eds.” Dallas Morning News. 3 July, 2005: G-9.

“Drama and Imagination: A Review of Paul Baker and the Integration of Abilities, Eds., Robert Flynn & Gene McKinney; “A Sojourn Through Modern Life: A Review of Radio Elvis and Other Stories, by John Irsfeld”; “Too Good to be True: Never Mind the Pollacks: A Rock and Roll Novel, by Neal Pollack”; & “East Texas Thriller: Castle in the Gloom, by Paul Ruffin.” Review of Texas Books. 20.2 (2005): 5, 6, 7.

“The Divide, by Nicholas Evans.” Publisher’s Weekly. 18 July, 2005: 180.

“A Lack of Enchantment: A Review of The Widow of the South, by Robert Hicks.” The  Houston Chronicle. 4 September 2005:  “Zest,” 20.

Glass Soup, by Jonathan Carroll.” Publisher’s Weekly. 8 September, 2005: 45.

“CSI Western Style: A Review of The Calamity Papers: Western Myths and Cold Cases, by Dale L. Walker”; “Range and Revolution as an Artist: A Review of  The Art  of Tom Lea, by Kathleen G. Hjerter”;  & “European Theater POWs in Texas: A Review of Lone Star Stalag: German Prisoners of War at Camp Hearne, by Michael R. Waters, et al.”Review of Texas Books. 20.3 (2005): 9, 12-13.

The Stalin Front, by Michael Hofmann, Gert Ledig, trans.” Publisher’s Weekly, 19 September, 2005: 42.

“He Was a President Without Precedent: Andrew Jackson, by H. W. Brands.” DallasMorning News. 2 October, 2005: G-11.

Swallowing Stones, by Lisa St. Aubin de Terán.” Publisher’s Weekly. 7 November, 2005: 49.

“Moving Through Black and White Worlds: A Review of  Axeman’s Jazz, by Tracy  Daugherty”; “Combining History, Geography, and Folklore: A Review of Rivers of Texas, by Verne Huser”; &: “Personal Faith-Fundamental Ignorance: A Review of Slouching Toward Zion and Other Lies, by Robert Flynn.” Review of Texas Books. 20.4 (2005): 2, 14.

The Amalgmation Polka, by Stephen Wright.” Publisher’s Weekly. 21 November, 2005: 26.

Kuraj, by Silvia Di Natale: Trans. Carol O’Sullivan and Martin Thom.” Publisher’s Weekly. 19 December, 2005: 40.

The Rules of Perspective, by Adam Thorpe.” Publishers Weekly. 9 January, 2006: 38.

Challenger Park, by Stephen Harrigan.” Publishers Weekly. 23 January, 2006: 183.

Reviews: “No Country for Old Men, by Cormac McCarthy”; “El Llano Estacado: Exploration and Imagination on the High Plains of Texas and New Mexico: 1536-1860, by John Miller Morris”; & “Shambles, by Deborah Monroe.” Review of Texas Books. 21.1 (2006): 2, 13, 14.

Telegraph Days, by Larry McMurtry.” Publishers Weekly. 6 March, 2006: 42.

Now is the Hour, by Tom Spanbauer.” Publishers Weekly. 20 March, 2006: 36-37.

Richard Temple, by Patrick O’Brian.”  Publishers Weekly. 24 April, 2006: Annex.  “Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead, by Alan Dinero.” Publishers Weekly. 15 May, 2006. 49.

“Texas History, Warts and All: A Review of Passionate Nation, by James L. Haley.” Houston Chronicle. 21 May, 2006“Zest”: 20-21.

The Law of Dreams, by Peter Behrens.” Publishers Weekly. 22 May, 2006: 27.

Stoner, by John Williams.” Publishers Weekly. 29 May, 2006: 36.

“Critique of U.S. Dissolves into Diatribe: A Review of Terrorist, by John Updike.”  Dallas Morning News. 4 June, 2006: G-6.

Another Green World, by Richard Grant.” Publishers Weekly. 12 June, 2006: 32.

“Reprint Reacquaints Us With a Remarkable Novel: A Review of Stoner,by John Williams. Dallas Morning News. 20 June, 2006: G1, G5.

“Turning Ulysses Into a Payne: A Review of The Suitors, by Ben Ehrenreich.” Dallas Morning News. 2 July, 2006: G-10.

Trout in the Sea of Cortez, by John Salter.” Publishers Weekly. 10 July, 2006: 53.

The Translation of Dr. Appelles: A Love Story, by David Treuer.” Publishers Weekly. 31 July, 2006: 49.

“Driven to Desertion: A Review of The St. Patrick’s Battalion, by James Alexander Thom.” Houston Chronicle. 27 August, 2006: “Zest”: 21, 25.

The Weight of Smoke, by George Robert Minkoff.” Publishers Weekly. 2 October, 2006: 41.

“Fire Missing After ‘Cold’: A Review of Thirteen Moons, by Charles Frazier.” Dallas Morning News. 22 October, 2006: G-9.

Love and War in California, by Oakley Hall.” Publishers Weekly. 30 October, 2006: 31.

“Here’s Texas the Way It Really Wasn’t: A Review of The Texicans, by Nina Vida.” Dallas Morning News. 5 November, 2006: G-8.

Voices from the Street, by Philip K. Dick.” Publishers Weekly. 6 November, 2006: 36.

“Puppy Love On the Streets of Fallujah: A Review of From Baghdad, With Love, by Lt. Colonel Jay Kopelman with Melinda Roth.” Dallas Morning News. 26 November, 2006: G-10.

The Moments Lost, by Bruce Olds.” Publishers Weekly. 27 November, 2006: 27.

“World War II Lite: A Review of The Rising Tide, by Jeff Shaara.” Dallas Morning News. 17 December, 2006: G-8.

When the Light Goes, by Larry McMurtry.” Publishers Weekly. 18 December, 2006: 38.

“‘John Henry’ Built the Foundation For Rock and Roll: A Review of Steel Drivin’ Man, by Scott Reynolds Nelson.” Dallas Morning News. 26 December, 2006: G-2.

The Testament of Gideon Mack, by James Robertson.” Publishers Weekly. 22 January, 2007: 156.

“There’s No Business Like the Oil Business: A Review of The Boss, by Stan Pottinger.” Dallas Morning News. 28 January, 2007: E-12.

Before I  Forget, by Andre Brink.” Publishers Weekly. 5 February, 2007: 40.

“Further Up the Trail With the Texas Rangers: A Review of Lone Star Lawmen: The Second Century of the Texas Rangers, by Robert M. Utley.” Dallas Morning News. 4 March, 2007: E-10.

“Sojourner Tries to Solve an Ancient Vanishing Act: A Review of House of Rain, by Craig Childs.” Dallas Morning News. 11 March, 2007, E-12.

East Texan Gives West Equal Time: A Review of The Segovia Chronicles, by Paul Ruffin.” Dallas Morning News. 25 March, 2007: E-7.

Crossing the Sierra de Gredos, by Peter Handke.” Publishers Weekly. 2 April, 2007. 31.

“Jamestown Confidential: A Review of Savage Kingdom, by Benjamin Woolley.” Dallas Morning News. 22 April, 2007: E-6.

“A Good Dog is Hard to Find; A Good Man a Bit Harder: A Review of Year of the Dog, by Shelby Hearon.” Dallas Morning News. 13 May, 2007: E-11.

Red Rover, by Dierdre McNamer.” Publishers Weekly. 14 May, 2007: 30.

Turpentine, by Spring Warren.” Publishers Weekly. 11 June, 2007: 35.

A Man You Could Love, by John Callahan.” Publishers Weekly. 11 June, 2007: annex.

“Confusing Characters Get a Plot to Match: A Review of The Beautiful Miscellaneous, by Dominic Smith.” Dallas Morning News. 17 June, 2007: E-9.

Matecumbe, by James Michener.” Publishers Weekly. 9 July, 2007: 32.

“The War With Mexico, from Mexico’s Perspective: A Review of A Glorious Defeat: Mexico and Its War with the United States, by Timothy J. Henderson.” Dallas Morning News. 15 July, 2007:  E-7.

“Avon Calling: A Review of Becoming Shakespeare, by Jack Lynch.” Dallas Morning News. 29 July, 2007: E-7.

The Headmaster’s Dilemma, by Louis Auchincloss.” Publishers Weekly. 8/13/2007: annex.

In the Meantime, by Robin Lippincott.” Publishers Weekly. 20 August, 2007: 44.

“PI Has the Goods—See?: A Review of The Chicago Way, by Michael Harvey.” Dallas Morning News. 26 August, 2007: E-7.

The Last Cavalier: Being the Adventures of the Count Sainte Hermine in the Age of Napoleon, by Alexander Dumas.” Publishers Weekly. 10 September, 2007: annex.

“38th Parallels: A Review of The Coldest Winter, by David Halberstam.” Dallas Morning News. 23 September, 2007: E-8.

Expeditions, by Kark Iagnemma.” Publishers Weekly. 15 October, 2007: 39.

“It’s All Ancient History: A Review of Rome and Jerusalem, by Martin Goodman.”Dallas Morning News. 4 November, 2007: E-9.

Names on a Map, by Ben Saénz.” Publishers Weekly. 12 November, 2007: 34-35.

“War Story: A Review of Our Savage Neighbors, by Peter Silver.” Dallas Morning News. 22 November, 2007: E-4.

Shavetail, by Thomas Cobb.” Publishers Weekly. 26 November, 2007: 27-28.

“Way, Way Off the Beaten Path: A Review of A Land So Strange, by André Reséndez.”Dallas Morning News. 9 December, 2007: E-6.

The Plague of Doves, by Louise Erdrich.” Publishers Weekly, 14 January, 2008: 36.

“Humanizing War’s Toll: A Review of This Republic of Suffering, by Drew Gilpin Faust.” Houston Chronicle. 10 February, 2008: “Zest,” 19-20.

The Count of Concord, by Nicholas Delbanco.” Publishers Weekly. 18 February, 2008: 134.

The Disagreement, by Nick Taylor.” Publishers Weekly, 25 February, 2008: 52.

“The 64,000 Theory Question: A Review of The Road to Dallas, by David Kaiser.”Dallas Morning News. 16 March, 2008: E-6.

Farther Along, by Donald Harrington.” Publishers Weekly. 17 March, 2008: 48.

“Blood, Sweat, Tears and a Lot of Years: A Review of Panama Fever, by Matthew Parker.” Dallas Morning News. 11 May, 2008: E-7.

“Big Oil’s Past Problems: A Review of The Teapot Dome Scandal, by Laton McCartney.” Houston Chronicle. 25 May 2008: “Zest,” 21.

North of the Port, by Daniel Bukoski.” Publishers Weekly, 6 June, 2008: annex.

“Salt in the Wounds: A Review of Salt Warriors, by Paul Cool.” Houston Chronicle. 15 June, 2008: “Zest”: 16, 19.

The Eleventh Man, by Ivan Doig.” Publishers Weekly, 16 June, 2008: 28.

People of the Whale, by Linda Hogan.” Publishers Weekly, 16 June, 2008: 32.

“Larry McMurtry Pens an Ode to the Written Word: A Review of Books: A Memoir, by Larry McMurtry.” Dallas Morning News. 6 July, 2008: E-6.

The Pirate’s Revenge, by Julian Stockwin.” Publishers Weekly. 25 August, 2008: 54.

“Deconstructing Dallas: A Review of The Dallas Myth, by Harvey J. Graff.” Dallas Morning News. 7 September, 2008: E-7.

“Southern Side of the Civil War: A Review of Bitterly Divided, by David Williams.”Dallas Morning News. 21 September, 2008: E-7.

“Depression-Era Theater Put in the Spotlight: A Review of Furious Improvisation, by Susan Quinn.” Houston Chronicle. 28 September, 2008: “Zest,” 15-16.

“More Birth of Financial System, Less Story of ‘Whiskey’ Rebellion: A Review of The Whiskey Rebels, by David Liss.” Houston Chronicle. 2 November, 2008: “Zest,” 17, 19.

“A Larger-Than-Life Life: A Review of As Big as the West: The Pioneer Life of Granville Stuart, by Clyde A. Milner II and Carol O’Connor.” Dallas Morning News. 14 December, 2008: E-5.

“A Birth With Complications: A Review of The Mexican Wars for Independence, by Timothy J. Henderson.” Dallas Morning News. 3 May, 2009: E-6.

“Mysticism on the Prairie: A Review of Far Bright Star, by Robert Olmstead.”  DallasMorning News: 31 May, 2009: E-6.

“End of the Thalia Trail: A Weary Duane Moore Comes Home: A Review of Rhino Ranch, by Larry McMurtry.” Dallas Morning News. 9 August, 2009: E-9.

“Justice Wears Cowboy Boots: A Review of Time of the Rangers: Texas Rangers 1900 to the Present, by Mike Cox.” Dallas Morning News. 16 August, 2009: E-6.

“Teddy the Tree-Hugger: A Review of Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America, by Douglas Brinkley.” Dallas Morning News. 23 August, 2009: E-7.

“Gripping Tale of Fire’s Effects: A Review of The Big Burn, by Timothy Egan.” Dallas Morning News. 25 October, 2009: E-8.

“Midlist Novelist: A Review of A Literary Life: A Second Memoir, by Larry McMurtry.”Dallas Morning News. 6 December 2009: E-6.

“Is Alaska Too Big for a Book?: A Review of The Quiet World, by Douglas Brinkley.” Dallas Morning News. 20 February, 2011: E-7.

“Voice of Authority Assesses Leading Writers of the Day: A Review of State of Mind: Texas Culture and Its Discontents, by Don Graham.” Dallas Morning News. 6 March, 2011: E-7.

“TCU Professor Offers a Chronological Account of Battles Over Slavery: A Review of This Great Struggle, by Seven E. Woodworth.” Dallas Morning News. 3 April, 2011: E-5.

“The Men Who Lived It Tell the Story of the Civil War: A Review of Hearts Touched by Fire: The Best of Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Ed by Harold Holzer.”  Dallas Morning News. 15 May, 2011: 6-E.

“Lessons From a Forgotten War:  A Review of The Moro War, by James R. Arnold.” Dallas Morning News. 7 August, 2011: 6-E.

“Hero or Terrorist?: A Review of Midnight Rising, by Tony Hortwitz.” Dallas Morning News. 30 October, 2011: E-7.

“Texas Writer Probes Family History for Story That Never Jells: A Review of Country of the Bad Wolfes, by James Carlos Blake.” Dallas Morning News. 29 January, 2012: E-6.

“Lucky, Likable Eisenhower: A Review of Eisenhower in War and Peace, by Jean Edward Smith.” Dallas Morning News. 19 February, 2012: E-6.

“Compromise Slowed Slide to Civil War: A Review of America’s Great Debate, by Fergus M. Bordewich. Dallas Morning News. 3 June, 2012: E-6.

“How Politics at the Battle of Antietam Shaped Civil War: A Review of The Long  Road to Antietam, by Richard Slotkin.” The Dallas Morning News. 29 July, 2012:  E-6.

“President Emblematic of His Times: A Review of Ike’s Bluff, by Evan Thomas.” DallasMorning News. 4 November 2012: E-6.

“Untying Civil War’s Knot of Causes: A Review of The Fall of the House of Dixie, by Bruce Levine.” Dallas Morning News. 13 January, 2013: E-7.

“Family Saga Derides Texas History, Myths: A Review of The Son, by Philipp Meyer.”Dallas Morning News. 9 June, 2013: E-5.

“Works on Outlaw James Brothers Miss Mark: A Review of Shot All to Hell, by Mark Lee Gardner & The Lost Cause, by James P. Muehlberger.” Dallas Morning News. 18 August, 2013: E-7.

“In MacArthur’s Defense: A Review of The Most Dangerous Man in America, by Mark Perry.” The Dallas Morning News. 27 April, 2014: E-8.

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