20 Questions

20 Questions by Clay Reynolds

Answers for the Inquiring Writer

by Clay Reynolds

Paperback – 132 pages
1 edition (January 2, 1998)
Browder Springs Press;

ISBN: 0965135926

“So you want to be a writer. Since there is not a pill for such a condition as there is for depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses, then your best course of treatment is Twenty Questions. If you persist in your obsession of wanting to be a writer (as opposed to wanting to write, a different condition altogether), then you need an education in ‘how the publishing industry works, how to approach editors, agents, how to market their work, and more important what to expect once their work has been accepted for publication.’ Reynolds offers pragmatic advice on these matters as well as cautioning against bloated expectations . . . An aspiring writer might not like what he reads here, but he can’t say he didn’t understand the answer. . .The advice in Twenty Questions enables those stricken with the desire to be writers to manage their obsession in a way most likely to achieve wellness; i.e., actually to sell a book for publication.”

Roundup Magazine

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