Baen edition, Agatite, a novel by Clay Reynolds

Sandhill Chronicles – Book 2

by Clay Reynolds

Agatite, Texas is a sleepy Dust Bowl community of three thousand friendly people, with nothing to distinguish it from hundreds of other small towns, until the discovery of a dead body hanged in an abandoned outhouse sets into motion a series of events that alters the town forever. Shock follows shock in quick succession as Reynolds relentlessly develops his tale of murder and mob action, focusing on Able Newsome, the county sheriff, and Roy Breedlove, a former high school football star turned drifter, but involving the fate of the town and all its citizens.

With an all-new introduction to the Baen Ebook Edition.

Searing sex and savage death in a Texas town … strong stuff … gripping, fast-moving.

Houston Chronicle

Clay Reynolds is an arresting new voice in American fiction, a write of scope, vision, and vigorous storytelling ability. . . Agatite contains the best sustained gunfight since Glendon Swarthout’s The Shootist—readers will finish it gasping, wrung out . . . and eager for more.

—Stephen King.

This is strong stuff, as hard and gritty as the stone for which the town is named. Clay Reynolds plays for keeps.

—Robert Flynn, The Houston Chronicle

This second novel shows that Reynolds is no literary flash in the pan.

—Tom Hallman, Portland Oregonian

Reynolds is an emerging voice in modern fiction: his settings are regional, but he uses, as do good writers of any generation (Flannery O’Conner, i.e.) the geographic region and its eccentricities as the metaphoric statement of a universal vision of humanity. He knows the agonies of the heart and he has an abundance of technical skill to present his knowledge in compelling prose.

—K.W. Davis, Southwest American Literature

Reynolds manifests the versatility of his talent and an ability to tell an absorbing, shocking story with subtlety.

Review of Texas Books